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animal muppet babies
Animal has always been one of the most iconic and beloved Muppets of all time. With Muppet Babies now on the scene, Animal's popularity is bound to grow even more! Muppet Babies is a new show created by Handcraft, which is also the team behind TEN28. For the first time ever, Animal and the rest of the Muppets will be seen in an animated format. Disney recently acquired full ownership of the show, and with it, the rights to distribute it on their various networks, including Disney Junior and its various international affiliates.

The show centers around Animal and the other Muppets living in a world of imagination, often transforming their surroundings and themselves into fantastical locations and costumes. With Muppet Babies, they will still be the same beloved characters they've always been, but with a bold new take. In addition to their wacky hijinks, they will also be exploring issues such as friendship, resilience, and creative problem solving, making the show fun and educational.

Disney has also launched a new line of Muppet Babies costumes under the brand name Disguise. There’s a full size Animal costume, as well as one for each of the other Muppet Babies. Along with the costumes, there are also some other Muppet Babies related items, such as t-shirts, accessories, and various toys.

Disney has also announced that the show will be available for streaming on MSS, an international digital distribution platform in over twenty countries. This platform is perfect for fans who want to watch the show and other Muppet related content from anywhere around the world.

Muppet Babies is sure to delight fans of all ages, as Animal and the other Muppets come together for some classic fun and misadventures. With the help of Handcraft, Disney, Disguise, and MSS, the whole world can now share in the Muppet Babies experience and enjoy these lovable characters!

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