Details about Baby Hand And Feet Casting

baby hand and feet casting
Baby hand and feet casting is an increasingly popular trend that provides a heartfelt and timeless way to preserve those special newborn memories forever. Moms Present and Luna Bean have become two of the leading companies that specialize in this type of casting and offer a variety of kits designed to make the process easy and achievable.

The kits come with complete instructions and a step-by-step guide that any first-time caster can follow. All that is needed is alginate; a non-toxic, biodegradable molding powder that, when mixed with water, forms a flexible mold that captures the baby’s tiny footprint or handprint. The mold then captures the detail of the learning curve, wrinkles, and all the special details that make baby’s hands and feet unique. It’s recommended to do the hand casting process last as newborns can be very wiggly and often lose interest in being still.

Once the casting is complete, many kits offer the option of adding a wooden plaque or decorative frame. Colored clay is also available to add more pizzazz and decorate the casting. The clay can come in vials, powder, or pre-mixed in tubs and can be used to accent the baby’s details. Once dried, the finished product is usually air-dried with a hair dryer. Keep in mind, depending on the kit, some products may need to be sealed with a clear sealer or air-drying is not suggested.

Casters may also have the option of using a molding board that fits the baby’s arm to help with the hands’ stability. As the alginate fully sets, the molding board can be removed from the baby’s arm. Clean up is made simpler since the alginate powder used for the casting is non-toxic and biodegradable, making hand casting a unique, fun and meaningful experience for parents.

Moms Present and Luna Bean have become two of the leading companies providing product kits and supplies to assist in finding that perfect casting moment. As a remembrance and heartfelt way to capture a baby’s tiny hand and feet prints, baby hand and feet casting is proving to be a timeless way to keep those memories alive forever.

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