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heartbeat doll
The heartbeat doll is an innovative, calming doll designed to mimic the comfort and security of a baby's heartbeat. It is so popular that a variety of brands have created their own version of the toy, namely the Lulla Doll, the Ashton Drake Galleries version, and the Paradise Galleries heartbeat doll. The unprecedented demand for the heartbeat dolls has caused various stores such as Stuffems Toy Shop to offer more unique and high quality versions of the doll. Even the iconic Barbie doll has jumped on the trend by introducing their own version of the toy which features a removable heart that beats and a magnificently crafted body that easily fits into a child's hand.

This therapeutic toy will no doubt provide endless comfort and security for little ones for nights that may be too long and days that may seem too short. The heartbeat doll is specifically designed to create an illusion of security and safety through its realistic heartbeat. The toy is constructed with super soft fabric, realistically detailed skin and face, and a gentle light that strategically fades and rises to simulate the fluctuating heart rhythm of a baby. In addition, the heartbeat sound is adjustable and can be changed to last upto 8 hours.

Stuffems Toy Shop has gone even further in their endeavor to provide children with a feeling of companionship and care that is not available in most dolls. Alongside their wide selection of the heartbeat dolls, they have also introduced other dolls that possess a warm and relaxing effect such as the narwhal plush and unicorn doll. The dolls are detailed with soft plush teddy fur, huggable filler and a weighted bottom, which imitate all the cozy features of a human baby, from holding to cuddling.

The combination of sound, touch and light enables children to experience a soothing and gentle embrace, no matter how far away their parents are. The wonder of the heartbeat doll is that it can be comfortably embraced as a surrogate night time companion and help children drift off into a world of dreams.

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